Revamping Your Pre-Pandemic Candidate SearchesNicole Stefanik

With the United States slowly reopening, we are not going to just hop back into our daily pre-pandemic recruitment lives. I’m sure many of you are juggling not only working from home but new job responsibilities and tasks that came about from the pandemic. Your time is precious, so let’s focus on the best way you can strategically source through PracticeMatch.

If you had been working on searches before the pandemic, you can always re-run your searches in Pinpoint! If you use the Pinpoint Query History icon, this will allow you to look at your past searches. If you have been tasked with additional duties, perhaps due to furloughs, you can even run your coworker's query histories to follow up on their searches.

I would strongly recommend following up with your emails by utilizing the Email Delivery Report (accessible from your Mailbox -> Sent Messages -> View Details screen. From here you can target candidates who have read your messages by sending a text or calling!

Again, if you have been tasked with additional recruitment duties, perhaps due to furloughs, you can run the Email Activity Report to access your coworker's Email Delivery Reports.

We have also heard from our Custom Sourcing team that physicians have been answering the phone a lot more lately, specifically specialists since so many elective procedures have been put on hold. Now is the time to call! Whether you pull a list from your Email Delivery Report or from a new search, you can even print out a call list to make notes and keep track of who you are calling, easily. Once you have candidates selected, just click the phone icon:

Another great thing to do now is review and refresh your job opportunities. We are seeing an uptick in applies on our site, so make sure yours are looking fresh!

All of these seemingly small items will start to make a big difference in your recruitment during this time! The PracticeMatch team is here to support you, from your Account Manager, the Client Support Specialist team, to our training department, and even the tech team. As we all continue to navigate through the “new norm”, we are happy to help in any way we can, so please do not hesitate to reach out.

                Thank you for being a valued partner, and please stay safe and healthy!

Nicole Stefanik

Nicole Stefanik - Client Account Manager. You can stay connected with me on LinkedIn to stay up to date on PracticeMatch articles and upcoming events!